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Your car number is fake; Dare me and I’ll expose who bought it – Afia Schwar to Wendy Shay

Controversial TV and radio personality Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa, known in showbiz circles as Afia Schwarzenegger has called out the face of Rufftown Records, Wendy Shay; threatening to expose her on the truth behind the owner of a new Jeep Cherokee purchased by the latter.

Speaking on her programme ‘Atigya’ at Schwar TV, the outspoken and blunt actress urged Ghanaians and fans of Wendy Shay to not take the singer seriously as she isn’t in the position to purchase a brand-new car of that calibre. She hinted that the car had been given as a donation and that it was already registered.

She further indicated that upon confirmation from the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Authority (DVLA) she had been told that the registration of the car (SHAY-23-19) is fake.

“…we’ve called DVLA, they say the car number SHAY-23-19 is fake… As for Wendy Shay which music has she sold to afford such a car. If you dare me I’ll mention the owner of the car. Do you know the price of a Jeep Cherokee? Afia quizzed.

“… When you’re 23 you think as such, she has just photoshopped the car number to it… I know they didn’t buy that car because it was donated to them. Wendy Shay hasn’t got that kind of money’’ she further stressed.

Following an interview by singer Wendy Shay where she gaffed when asked what her net worth was, she posted a picture sitting on a plush Jeep Cherokee to make a statement after stating that she was rich enough to buy an iPhone X and an iPad.

Afia Schwarzenegger explained that the DVLA did not want to embarrass the musician hence the reason they had not come out to state that the car number was fake.

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