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Trotro mate uses kitchen stool in place of a ‘mate seat’

It seems the special ‘mate seat’ in this particular commercial lorry got spoilt.

So the mate in his smartest way of improvising replaced the ‘mate seat’ with a kitchen stool.

Photos of him has since gone viral with people applauding him for being thoughtful.

See photo below:

The use of the ‘kitchen stool’ by the mate brought to mind the historic atopa video which trended sometime ago involving a student and her headteacher.

In the viral video, the headmaster was seen knacking from behind whiles the student hanged unto the kitchen stool in a very legendary way.

If not for them, Ghanaians wouldn’t have known that there’s another use of kitchen stool apart from sitting on it.

Well, Mr. Robert Sepey, the sacked headmaster of Adumanu D/A Basic School in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the Central Region, has revealed sometime back that the infamous kitchen stool style was just for sexual fantasy.

According to him, he had a bed in his room but resorted to the kitchen stool because it was just meant to spice the lovemaking but unfortunately the video which he recorded using a mobile phone later found its way into the public domain resulting in his current predicament.

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