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Stress relief seminar for corporate workers to be held at British Council Auditorium

The first-ever stress relief seminar – the Pranic (Energy) Healing approach – in Ghana, will be held by the GMCKS Pranic Healing Center on Tuesday, October 15 at the British Council Auditorium in Accra to empower corporate workers with stress relief techniques.

Pranic (Energy) Healing is the ancient art and science of using universal life energy called prana or chi to balance and harmonise the physical, emotional and mental aspect of every human being. This energy is pervasive. It is taught and practised in over 150 countries, and it’s a drugless healing system.

Themed “Stress Relief for the Corporate Man and Woman,” the 2-hour seminar is expected to draw participants from all levels in the corporate world: chief executives, directors, top and middle level managers, junior staff members and also civil servants.

According to the organisers of the seminar, working in the corporate world comes with a lot of pressure which leads to excessive and overwhelming stress, resulting in acute and chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines and many other diseases.

Citing a research conducted by Forbes Magazine in an interview with this reporter, one of the organisers of the seminar, Mr. Kolawole Braimah, a retired banker and director of LifeWellness Wholistic Center said that up to 71% of employees aren’t performing at their best due to overwhelming stressful conditions, resulting in not getting the outcomes needed to compete and win.

Mr. Braimah described the seminar as a revolutionary approach to successful management of our lives and businesses. ” The seminar teaches how to handle stressful situations that generate stress in the workplace, ” he said.

The seminar will be facilitated by the Trustee of West African Pranic Healing Foundation, Mr. Kumar Sabnani. Mr. Sabnani doubles as chief executive officer of Voltic Togo Sal. He’s a businessman with over fifteen years experience as Pranic Healing Instructor.

“Participants will discover easy, yet effective techniques to manage stress, resulting in better health and improved relationships, mental clarity and increased performance, ” said Mr. Sabnani.

Organisations that have benefitted from this seminar include Broadsteel Capital, an investing firm, Universal Business School and Imperial Hotel Group — all in India.

The seminar will kick start at 5.30pm.

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