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“NPP Stole Special Prosecutor Policy from me and Corrupted It” – Ayariga

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) has accused the
ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) of stealing his anti-corruption policy idea.
He explained that, the Special Prosecutor, is unable to work efficiently because the
NPP stole the idea and do not have the original blueprint of the policy.

“But the point here is that the Office of the Special Prosecutor was a policy
designed by the APC, they stole the policy from us ….. so I gave it Independent
Special Prosecutor, NPP in lifting it dropped the independent and put special
prosecutor ….” Dr. Ayariga told Kofi Asante Mensah in an exclusive interview at
his party’s office (Haatso-Accra).

The APC founder, after building mountains of praise for Martin Amidu, Ghana’s
first Special Prosecutor and longest served Attorney General (under NDC),
indicated that he (Amidu) will not have qualified for his (Ayariga) Independent
Special Prosecutor Office because he has served under a political party.
“The independent makes him autonomous who will run his office based on the
constitution of the Republic of Ghana, he gets his power from the constitution, not
from the President, not from the Attorney General, but the one we have now works
under the office of the Attorney General” he lamented.

He further stated that, the current modus operandi of the OSP is a corrupted one
and makes it difficult to prosecute any corrupt official whether in Government or
out of Government. When asked about why his friend Martin Amidu has not
resigned Dr. Hassan Ayariga indicated that, he will do so if nothing changes.
“The Martin I know is a no nonsense man who cannot work under such conditions
and situations, he will get frustrated , they are frustrating him, he will get
frustrated, one day you will just hear Martin Amidu has resigned. He is not the
type who is into money, who likes money; Martin Amidu is a reserved kind of
person who wants to see the right thing done”.

Mr. Ayariga said corruption has worsened under President Akufo-Addo and was
shocked that the Police CID cleared Charles Bissue from the Anas Aremeyaw
Anas investigation and galamsey scandal.
According to Ayariga “not even a blind man will accept this clearance; we saw the
footage of the man taking the money”.
“Nana Addo and his government has become a clearing agent of corruption” he

Source:GreenOnlinegh.com|Kofi Asante Mensah/Green Newsroom/Ghana

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