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‘Mr. Eventuary wasn’t paid for his stage performance in Nigeria’ – Former Manager Reveals

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  • Mr Eventually vs Manager Conflicts

A lot of people are wishing that Mr Eventuary and his manager, Theophilus Arthur aka Theo Wade can make peace and come together once again to work.

However, it appears that won’t happen in anyway.

After their rift, the manager was accused of changing Mr Eventuary’s Instagram details.

Speaking on this, the manager noted that he handed over the account to Mr Eventuary after their conflict and that he has no hand in things getting deleted on the said page.

Also, many have accused the manager of embezzling monies meant for Mr Eventuary especially funds generated from their first ever concert in Nigeria.

The manager speaking in response to this said that they weren’t paid a dime for their performance in Nigeria.

He revealed that they were not paid for the performance of Mr. Eventuary. Instead, organizers of the show paid for their hotel and plane ticket.

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