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Meet the black French footballer who has been in coma for 37 years

Jean Adams, a French footballer, has been in coma for 37 years due to a mistake his doctor made while putting him to sleep for a surgery to repair a torn ligament.

According to soccer24.com, he got injured while playing football and was instructed to undergo surgery. Before the surgery could begin, the doctor in charge of repairing his torn ligament made a mistake while putting him to sleep and he has been unconscious since then.

When the surgery was conducted, he was 34 years old and is now 71, spending 37 years unconscious. The time he has spent in coma is now officially more than the time he has spent being aware of himself and of his surroundings.

Remarkably, his wife Bernadette, whom he married in 1969, is still by his side to this day. She tends for him, look after him, feed him and with the help of nurses and physiotherapists who come every day- she’s able to bathe him and provide 24 hours a day care.

The doctor and his colleague were arrested and only went to jail for a month and made to pay a fine of €744 (US$815).

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