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Kofi Kingston Refuse To Be Broke – As He Unleashes Randy Orton

Though the fight came to double countout end with no winner predicted. At the final bit end Randy Orton was being pounced over by enraged Kofi Kingston as he (Randy Orton) was bluffing infront of two kids with Kingston trashed down by him. Both two fighters fought very well but one one can tells Randy Orton was saved by the double countout bell.

Fight Detail Commentary

Kingston comes out with the New Day throwing pancakes. One of his pancakes hits a woman who’s on her phone. Good start. Split crowd for this match. As the two begin there are dueling “Kofi’s stupid!” and “Randy sucks!” chants. Crowd is into it, but they’re starting slow — probably to ease the crowd into the match after the Stratus/Charlotte match.

Kingston goes for a springboard attack but Orton pushes him to the outside. Orton takes the champ over to the announcer’s tables and slams him about. They move back in the ring. A European uppercut from Orton sends them back outside. Orton tries to Irish whip Kingston into the steps, but Kingston jumps over them, runs back, jumps off them and strikes down Randall Keith Orton. Kingston attempts a cross body from the ring apron but Orton ducks. Orton slams Kingston on one of the announcer’s tables.

Back in the ring, the dueling chants begin again. Orton goes for a superplex but Kingston fights him off and lands a tornado DDT from the top rope. Two count. The two stagger up and Kingston starts with strikes on Orton. Tom Phillips says we’re in the fourth quarter, and Cory Graves says we’re in overtime. That worries me, because it feels to me like we’re just getting to third gear.

Kingston starts clapping for a trouble in paradise kick. Orton counters with a backbreaker. Orton starts clapping to taunt Kingston, and goes for a draping DDT. Kingston counters, though, and drops Orton to the outside. Huge trust fall on Orton. Back inside the ring, Kingston hits a frogsplash crossbody. Two count. 

Kingston attempts offense in the corner, but Orton trumps him with a draping DDT. He sets up an RKO, but Kofi turns it into a backslide pin attempt. Kingston goes for a trouble in paradise, but Orton dodges. Kingston jumps from the turnbuckle and gets caught with an RKO. Before Orton can pin him, though, Kingston rolls outside. Kingston’s kids are in the crowd. Orton begins to taunt them and Kingston, enraged, attacks Orton. Double countout finish. Crowd chants “bullshit.”

After the match, Kingston dominates Orton with a Kendo stick and hits him with a trouble in paradise kick. 

By Jaymefirst

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