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“Its madness to import new school uniforms” -Textile workers union fume

The Ghana textile workers union have raised concerns about government’s decision to import the new school uniforms from outside the country at a time where local textile companies who have the capacity to produce these fabrics are been left to collapse.

The Ghana Education Service in April this year introduced a new school uniform to be worn by students in the basic school.

At the time when the news was made public there was concerns that it was an unwarranted burden been placed on the heads of parents.

It was met with criticism as some said it was a misplaced priority and an economic load on parents.

But it is believed the uniforms have made its way into the local market despite the fact that the GES have not made them officially available.

This move has incurred the wrath of the Ghana Textile Workers union who say its unheard of that government will sanction the importation these new uniforms.

General Secretary of the Union, Abraham Koomson says that this move defeats governments posture of creating jobs for the youth in the country especially when local textile firms can produce these same uniforms.

“It is difficult to understand why government will entertain the importation of school uniforms from outside. It has not happened before that government will sanction the importation of school uniforms.

“We are even fighting the importation of African prints and that has been a problem which has virtually collapsed the local manufacturing industry.”

“With the school uniforms even under the previous administration they did not approve that people can import them from outside.”

“Those who were doing it where just taking their own risk but for this one we cannot even understand it is madness” he fumed.

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