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Ghanaian footballer shot in both legs in South Africa

A Ghanaian footballer whose name has only been given as Arthur has reportedly been shot in both legs by Police in South Africa.

The footballer has been plying his trade in South Africa for the past two years but was shot in both legs at close-range at the Kempton Park but it remains unclear what exactly caused the shooting.

Ghana’s high commissioner to South Africa, Mr George Ayisi Boateng has paid a visit to the injured footballer at the Grenclof Hospital in Pretoria

Xenophobic attacks have escalated in the rainbow nation the last few weeks with mostly Black Africans from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and the likes.

Several people have been maimed, killed and attacked because indegenes believe that these foreign black Africans have taken their jobs and have rendered them jobless.

Most shops owned by foreigners have been looted and several others set ablaze.

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