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Gaza violence: Suicide bombers kill three officers

The attacks follow a recent operation by Hamas, which controls Gaza, against militants linked to IS.

One of the bombers who carried out Tuesday’s attacks had previously been held, a security source told the BBC.

A state of emergency was declared after the attacks with forces on alert.

Two police officers were killed and a third Palestinian wounded in the first bomb, which was set off from a motorcycle near a police check point.

The second explosion, less than an hour later, killed another officer and wounded several people at a separate checkpoint, Hamas’s interior ministry said.

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Security forces deployed hundreds of personnel on the main roads in the Gaza Strip following the attacks.

Hamas has faced periodic internal opposition from more hardline Islamist militants – including those affiliated with IS – and it recently released members of extremist factions as a gesture of goodwill.

Hamas wrenched control of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, during a civil war in 2007.

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