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Concerned Youth Of Klagon Call On Gov’t To Demolish Slum Areas To Prevent Drug Addiction Activities

Concern youth of Klagon has called on government to demolish the slim areas which hitherto has become the den for the youth to engage in drug addition activities. At a drug awareness forum organized to create awareness on the dangers of engaging in this menace, Spokes-person for the group Richard Ofosu expressed worry over the rise of drug abuse among the youth in the Klagor area.

He said if nothing is done about it, Klagor will soon be the den of criminals and jonkies. he mentioned places such as Ayigbe Kope, Domlevo Kope and other areas which needs to be demolished. He called on the police to go hard on these people in the community to prevent this menace.

The Assemblyman for the area Hon. Ashack Mujid noted that although drug abuse is prevalent in the area, one thing on the rise in the area is defilement cases. He said he is in talks with the social welfare so that when school reopens educative programs can be done.

The Chief of Klagon Nii Bortey Klan 1 who was present at the forum noted that he is doing everything in his power to motivate the police to arrest these addicts. He called on schools to bring back punishments to scare the youth from engaging in this menace.

By: Becca (Greennews)

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